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Artists Name

Rebecca Flowerday – Potterazzi

Contact Details

Web: potterazzi.co.nz
Instagram: potterazzinz

About the Artist

Founding member of Empty Bowls NZ. Empty Bowls was inspired by a couple of International Ceramic Artists from Hawaii and instigated for the first time in New Zealand with Janet Carlyle and other supportive Highbury, Wellington friends.
Rebecca has always been interested in art in its many forms. She studied Art at Waikato in the 80’s, and spent over 12 years travelling around the Northern Hemisphere. Now making Wellington home, she is a huge supporter of the community and culture that Wellington is.
After a corporate career in telecommunications, she threw the conventional world away and joined Wellington Potters Association. This led to her embarking on the Otago Diploma in Ceramic Arts in 2013, working under the Studio tutelage of Jennifer Turnbull in Otaki and graduating in 2016.

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