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Rosemary O’Hara – Rosemary O’Hara Pottery

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021 201 6764
04 4 233 0003

About the Artist

I started potting in the early 1980’s from studios in Upper Cuba St and Tonks Avenue. I’ve kept my hand in during the 2000’s running pottery classes at Wellington Potters Assn., and for the last 2 years I’ve been potting from my studio at home in Plimmerton.
I produce Baking wares: Chicken bricks (‘Romertopfs’), pizza/flan dishes, bread baking dishes and tagines in unglazed terracotta. Glazed wares include, slip decorated terracotta cups and bowls and Sauerkraut Makers. These works are available from my studio and from Thorndon Farmers Market, Sat mornings, Hill St.
Check my website or the TFM Facebook page for when I’ll be there.
I also make ‘Naked Raku’ jars and bowls as exhibition pieces. Each pot is uniquely painted and smoked onto a burnished surface. These works can be viewed on my website and in Wellington at Artspace 223, The Esplanade, Petone ( ,  ‘The Collective’, 6 Beach Road Paekakariki, and various regional and national selected exhibitions around NZ.
I am very engaged by the fundraising potential of the Empty Bowls project and the community effort it inspires. It allows a whole lot of people with diverse skills to contribute their time and expertise to support the Downtown City Ministry. I have used the sponsored clay ‘Mac’s White’ for the Empty Bowls project.

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